Girl Scout Merit Badge Workshop

Get your troop together and come to AAES to earn your Jr. Horseback Riding badge!

Our workshop exceeds the minimum requirements and offers an opportunity to interview a horse expert. For Girl Scouts Grades 4th-6th.

"Any girl fortunate enough to ride has double joy—an exhilarating exercise that takes her over the countryside, and friendship with her horse."  — GSA Handbook, 1940


Workshop includes:


How do you properly groom a horse?  What safety measures should be followed when working with a horse on the ground?

TACK-  What is the proper way to saddle and bridle a horse?  How should the tack fit the horse?  What is the only safe knot to use when tying a horse?  (Badge req. #1)

RIDING-  How do you safely mount and dismount a horse?  How to handle an emergency situation while mounting a horse.  Each participant will enjoy a pony ride with the horse being led by one of our staff members. (Badge req. #3,6)

OLYMPIC EQUESTRIANS-  Video presentation of the world’s best riders in competition.

HORSE 101-  Learn the correct names of the horse’s unique anatomy, and how this enables them to do the many jobs humans ask of them.  Learn about common ailments, and prevention of illness.  What types of equipment are used for Western riding, Eastern riding, jumping, and driving?  What is involved in the care of this equipment?  (Badge req. #7,2)


The badge will require approximately 3 hours to complete.  Hard soled shoes or boots WITH A HEEL are required for mounted work.  Helmets are also required, and are available to borrow at our facility.

Minimum of 10 participants – $50 each


Riding and Fun!

The group that rides will learn how to mount, their balanced position, how to make their horse walk, and halt and turn.  They will ride on a small trail in the woods and play a game.  They will also do a little trotting. Then the groups will switch.  The group that isn’t riding does a barn tour and activity.


What to Wear What to Bring

Wear closed toe shoes or boots and long pants.  Sunscreen and bug spray are recommended. Bring your well fitting helmet or borrow one from us.


Siblings & Friends of Girl Scouts

Siblings and friends are welcome to participate – all fees and releases will apply to these extra riders.

IMPORTANT: Each rider MUST bring a completed release form signed by a parent or legal guardian. DOWNLOAD & PRINT HERE.


Troop Leaders

Register Your Troop for the Horse  Riding Badge Workshop


Workshops offered Saturdays 9 am–Noon

Please CALL 703.779.8082 to confirm availability. Following confirmation scouts need to register to participate.




19876 Riders Success Lane,

Leesburg, VA 20175

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