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We are a full-service equestrian facility offering a wide range of equestrian programs and catering to enthusiastic and inspiring riders of all ages.  Conveniently located just 40 minutes outside of Washington, DC, our beautiful and meticulously maintained facility is nestled in the rolling hills and picturesque countryside of Northern Virginia. Our goal is to offer each and every student the opportunity to develop a lifelong love of riding and to provide the education, knowledge, and skills needed for you to feel comfortable around these magnificent animals.


Why Come to The Academy?

With so many barns to choose from, we realize the choice can be overwhelming!  We offer quality instruction in the three Olympic disciplines — dressage, jumping, and eventing.   Our training focuses on developing each rider as a well-rounded horseman, and is based on the classical and time-tested German National Training Federation’s program.  You will learn the importance of a balanced seat and how to communicate with your horse effectively and gracefully, with the lightest of touch.  Our well-trained school horses are cared for impeccably and not over-worked, and have access to the outdoors on a daily basis (weather permitting, of course).

Whether you are a seasoned rider or are just starting out in the saddle, our instruction will help get you to the next level!


NEW Program at The Academy: Enriched Studies



Sign up for a week or for the entire school year to give your child a healthy learning environment

Enriched Studies provides a supervised, healthy learning space that adheres to strict COVID-19 prevention practices.


Nestled in Leesburg’s picturesque countryside, our natural surroundings encourage a healthy and focused learning environment while our structured breaks and physical outings will feed your child’s bodies as well as their minds. Professional tutoring and activities such as horseback riding are available at the end of each day, making Enriched Studies the perfect solution for working parents.




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NEW Program at The Academy: Enriched Studies